Welcome! My name is Christof Teuscher. In my professional life I’m an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Portland State University (PSU). My research team investigates next generation computing models and technologies. In my non-professional life I keep myself busy with photography and some ultra running on the side.

I share my adventures, stories, and pictures on this blog to inspire others.

You can contact me at christof@teuscher.ch

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“Aagaa” is a Swiss German verb that stands for “to start” or “to initiate.” Every epic sh*t has to start somewhere, with something. The first small step, the “aagaa” literally speaking, is often the most important one. It requires courage and going outside of one’s comfort zone. But rarely do interesting and rewarding experiences happen in the comfort zone anyway. “La mi ds naechschte Abentuer la aagaa!”