Selected Epic Failures

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” — Samuel Beckett
Adventure Date Attempt Miles Time Comment
Ozark Highlands Trail3 Feb 1, 2017 1st 85.4/165 32:56 Blog post
800-mi Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) speed record attempt1 Aug 29-Sep 6, 2015 1st 371/750mi 9 days Movie clip
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour2 Jul 17, 2015 3rd 66.59/75mi 33:51 Blog post
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour Oct 10, 2014 2nd 67.6/75mi 26:49:04 Blog post
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour Sep 19, 2014 1st 57/75mi 21:55:49 Blog post

Notes and comments:

  1. Successfully completed the 2nd ODT attempt in 2016. See more info herehere, and movie series.
  2. Seth Wolpin successfully completed the Alpine Lakes Challenge in August 2015 in 43h04min. Check out his report: Congrats!
  3. Successfully completed on Dec 17, 2017, in 70:01:16 (2 days 22h 1min). See report here.

Hitting bad weather on the way to Aasgard Pass during the 2nd Alpine Lakes Grand Tour. Fresh snow prevented me from passing the pass.

Fastest Known Times (FKTs)

Fastest Known Times (FKTs) are times on a route that someone else has also completed, but you have done it the fastest. You therefore are the current record holder. Generally, only times that are documented somewhere and posted on the FKT forum will be considered by the community.

Route Date Style Distance Time Additional info
Ozark Highlands Trail Dec 14-17, 2017 unsupported 165mi 70:01:16 Announcement, Report, Movie
Oregon Desert Trail Jul 12-29, 2016 self-supported 750mi 17 days 15 hours Announcement, Movie series.
Octuple Dog Mountain1 Jan 30, 2016 self-supported 59.2mi 17:20:06 Report
Joshua Tree Traverse2 Nov 7, 2014 unsupported 37.3mi 7:12:50 ReportAnnouncement
Mark O. Hatfield trail Jun 7, 2015 unsupported 56mi 17:07:08 Movie, FKT postStrava
Hatfield on Steroids – 10 (9) Gorge Peaks Feb 20-21, 2015 unsupported 72mi 21h28min AnnouncementReport
Wilson River Traverse Yo-Yo Jan 2, 2015 unsupported 45.2mi 8h24min Report, FKT post
Snowshoeing around Crater Lake Dec 14-15, 2013 unsupported 30mi 20h MovieBlog entry

Notes and comments:

  1. On Jun 9, 2017, I beat this time and did an additional climb: Report: New Dog Mountain FKT: 9 climbs in 16:24:30. See also OKTs below.
  2. My time has long been beaten by fast gals and dudes. See FKT board for current records. I think I still hold the unsupported double traverse. See OKTs below.

Only Known Times (OKT)

Only Known Times (OKTs) are times on a route where no one else has made an attempt or no one else has made a documented claim for a record. You are therefore the first and only person who claims the record. The OKT becomes a FKT as soon as someone else completes the route. You may obviously lose the OKT/FKT if the person is faster than you.

Route Date Style Distance Time Additional info
9x Dog Mountain Jun 9, 2017 self-supported 52.2mi 16:24:30 Report, Strava
Oregon's 5 Highest Peaks Aug 18, 2016 supported 150mi 67h23min Report, Movie, StravaFKT post
Joshua Tree Double Traverse Mar 12,2016 unsupported 74.6mi 19:23:37 Report
Hells Canyon Traverse: Riggins to Hat Point Oct 24, 2015 supported 43.3mi 14h35min Report
Mt. Adams-to-Mt. Hood Challenge May 22-25, 2015 supported 158mi 64h48min Announcement, ReportDocumentary, FKT post
Mt. Adams-to-Mt. St. Helens Challenge Jul 24-26, 2014 supported 85.6mi 38h17min Report, MovieFKT postStrava
Quintuple Mt. Defiance Jan 24, 2015 self-supported 49.1mi 19h35min AnnouncementReport
Mt. Defiance to Dog Mt. Dec 13, 2014 self-supported 41.2mi 9:22:25 StravaMovie