ODT: Restlessly Relentless, Episode 13 – Oh-Dee-Tee

Lyrics/vocals: Christof Teuscher
Narration: Renee Patrick

Episode 13 direct URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVwfAuGUA5Q

Restlessly Relentless Movie Series page: http://christofteuscher.com/rr


Who has had this idea
Definitely not me! Desert, sun, and heat and shit.
I left behind all my wit.
There’s no chillin’ in the sagebrush
Gotta move that ass in a rush. Oh my.
Let’s start, clean and fresh

Made me believe I could achieve the impossible
We unstoppable so everything is possible
Why am I like this why is summer hot
You see you’re actin’ like this urge is demanding
I be in the zone though
Heat it up till the bones blacken
You the water in my life and I’m trapped in the desert
Starving to death and dying of thirst alive!
All the oxygen has run out
Cause I don’t move it I just run it I run it
I see my soul through your window pain
No water we barely bathed
To be OK I need to be OK
Sometimes I ain’t see no gain
Sometimes all I see is pain
Never gamble with snakes
Yeah you said it I’m a little bit strange
Wide awake try to relate
Stompin the harder I march the ground will break
I’m tired of the fast lane
My feet been killing me all day
My lip kissing the heat nursed the blister in the feet

Endless shit is hard, my feet do tell
The Oregon deserts, what the fuck is this spell
No trail but a nutcase route to hell
750 miles, why? Do tell, I’m not well
Sagebrush ocean wide and far and deep and hard
Never gamble with the snakes, be on your guard
Trying to stay awake, wanting to brake
We some legends best to do it mundane
Running that far ain’t no lame
That’s how success came

At a snails pace I won this race that y’all trail
Shit’s hard who can you tell? And if we fail?
At the end of the day who’s will will you think will prevail.
The ODT, let it be, it’s hard enough to pee.
750 miles through pain and sand and thirst
That did the bubble burst. Done. Done. Done. Gone.

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