Cascades 11-over-10 Challenge Series


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The Peaks

There are 11 Cascade peaks over 10,000ft with at least 1,000ft prominence in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Rank Peak Meters Feet
1 Mount Rainier 4,392m 14,411ft
2 Mount Shasta 4,317m 14,163ft
3 Mount Adams 3,742m 12,277ft
4 Mount Hood 3,426m 11,240ft
5 Mount Baker 3,286m 10,781ft
6 Glacier Peak 3,213m 10,541ft
7 Mount Jefferson 3,199m 10,495ft
8 Lassen Peak 3,189m 10,462ft
9 South Sister 3,157m 10,358ft
10 North Sister 3,062m 10,085ft
11 Middle Sister 3,062m 10,047ft

The Challenges

The Cascades 11-over-10 Challenge Series consists in

  • summiting P ∈ [2…11] out of the 11 peaks and
  • covering the distance between the P mountains with human muscle power only.

Without considering the peak order, there are…

  • 55 sets containing 2 peaks
  • 165 sets containing 3 peaks
  • 330 sets containing 4 peaks
  • 462 sets containing 5 peaks
  • 462 sets containing 6 peaks
  • 330 sets containing 7 peaks
  • 165 sets containing 8 peaks
  • 55 sets containing 9 peaks (Bronze Volcanoes)
  • 11 sets containing 10 peaks (Silver Volcanoes)
  • 1 set containing 11 peaks (Golden Volcanoes)

Thus, there is a total of 2025 different Cascades 11-over-10 Challenges. The goal of each challenge is not only to climb and link up as many peaks by using human muscle power only, but to also complete the challenge as fast as possible.


  • Climbing Adams, Hood, and Jefferson (in that order) counts as the same challenge as climbing Jefferson, Adams, and Hood (in that order). Both count as a P=3 challenge. The route choice and peak order is entirely up to the individual or team.
  • The order in which you bag the peaks for the P=11 challenge, i.e., climbing all 11 Cascade volcanoes over 10,000ft, does not matter. Pick an order and a route that allows you to complete the challenge as fast as possible.
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The Rules

  1. This is not a race. You do not need to register or qualify or anything. There are no fees. Anyone can do it anytime of the year.
  2. The challenge must start at an official trailhead (typically the access trailhead for the first peak) and end at an official trailhead (typically the access trailhead for the last summit).
  3. The clock starts at the first trailhead and stops when the individual or entire team reaches the destination trailhead.
  4. You can chose your own route between the summits.
  5. The challenge can be done individually or in teams. If completed in a team, all team members must do all parts of the route. Relays do not count.
  6. The clock does not stop if the individual or team sleeps, rests, etc.
  7. The challenge must be completed in a single push. Sleep, rest, etc. along the route are allowed. No leaving the route and returning unless by using human muscle power only.
  8. Crews and stashing of gear, food, and water are allowed. All stashes must be retrieved.
  9. Each and every part of the route must be covered with human muscle power only. That includes: climbing, hiking, running, biking, skiing, and paragliding. No motorized form of transport is allowed on any part of the route.
  10. The challenge can be completed in a unsupported, self-supported, or supported way.
  11. Announcing your intentions is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  12. The challenge must be tracked and documented.
  13. All wilderness regulations as well as Federal, State, and Local laws must be strictly followed.
  14. Strict leave-no-trace backcountry ethics must be followed.
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The Records and Attempts

The following table lists for each P ∈ [2…11] challenge the Only Known Time (OKT) or the Fastest Known Time (FKT). Attempts will also be listed.

Number of peaks P Peaks Individualor Team Total distance Elapsed time Date Notes
2 Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood Christof Teuscher 158mi 64h48min (OKT) May 22, 2015
Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens UltraPedestrian Ras & Kyle Pease 187mi 8d?h?min (OKT) Jul 23, 2017 3
3 North Sister, Middle Sister, South Sister Mitch Thompson 18mi 6h39min (FKT) Sep 2009 1
5 South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood Christof Teuscher 150mi 67h23min (OKT) Aug 18, 2016 2


  1. No route info and GPS track is available for Thompson’s FKT. Also, it is unclear whether he summited the North Sister pinnacle or just traversed over.
  2. This time should be labeled as an attempt. While Teuscher “climbed” all mountains, he did not technically “summit” the class 4 summit pinnacle on North Sister, the class 4 summit pinnacle on Mt. Jefferson, and he had to turn around on the Hogsback on Mt. Hood because of the conditions. See his report for more info.
  3. The RAS traverse is listed under 2 peaks because St. Helens is not a peak over 10,000ft.
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  • Records are not verified. The burden of proof is solely on the individual or team. Thus, the more documentation you can provide, the better. See for more info.
  • The information provided on this website does not identify possible dangers. When you are attempting a record, you assume responsibility for your own actions and safety.