Report: Hells Canyon Traverse

On Sat, Oct 24, 2015, I set out for a solo traverse of the Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge (7,993ft/2,436m) in North America. As announced, the masterplan was to start in Riggins, ID, to also climb the He Devil, the highest mountain nearby the… Continue Reading

Announcement: Riggins-to-Imnaha Hells Canyon Traverse

Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon (7,993ft/2,436m) in North America. It is located along the border of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington, so pretty much in our backyard (Figure 1). Check out some cool facts about Hells Canyon here or here. Figure 2 shows a… Continue Reading

ODT: Cache retrieval

The Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) adventure cache retrieval and recycling is well under way. As of today (Oct 6, 2015), more than half of the water and food caches are retrieved. Extra attention was paid to follow strict leave-no-trace ethics and… Continue Reading