ODT: Gear Preview

The video clip below shows a gear preview for the Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) speed record attempt. My goal was to go as light and minimal as possible, while still guaranteeing some safety and comfort. Without decent nights of sleep, I… Continue Reading

ODT: Maps

Interactive Map Zoom out to see the entire trail. Static Map ONDA Maps See http://onda.org/where-we-work/oregon-desert-trail/oregon-desert-trail-guide/need-to-know-on-the-oregon-desert-trail Real-time Tracking Go to http://www.christofteuscher.com/aagaa/odt-real-time-tracking

ODT: Food and Water Caches

The video clip below shows some impressions of the preparations for the Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) speed record attempt. Over the last couple of months, we buried about 40 foot and water caches along the approximately 800-mile route. Direct YouTube… Continue Reading

Announcement: 800-mi Oregon Desert Trail Speed Record Attempt

On Aug 29, 2015, I will attempt to establish a speed record on the brand new 800-mile Oregon Desert Trail (ODT). Shane von Schlemp thru-hiked the trail in 2014 in 34 days and—to the best of my knowledge—holds the current… Continue Reading